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Products Code : DMS05
Price : 3200

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Useful for detecting the EDGE of dry interior walls only, detection results depend on material and size of objects as well as material and condition of structure. 4 MULTI-FUNCTIONAL MODES - Compared with other stud finder, DMS05 not only featuring detection for wood studs, metal objects (rebar, studs and steel/copper pipes), live wiring, but also detection for moisture in the wood and building materials, offering a wider range of detection performance, providing a deeper and more accurate detection range. LARGER LCD SCREEN WITH BACKLIGHT - With a full view of LCD display, the detection information can be read clearly from any angles; The backlight function supports to detect studs even in dark environments; Informative graphic display guarantee you know what's behind the wall before you take on the job, avoiding troubles and hazards, save time and money. ENHANCED DETECTION INDICATIONS - 3 color light and target indicators on the LCD display for easier detection; The percentage of signal strength on the screen gives you a more detailed detection indication to distinguish the deepness of targets and the detector will beep when it is very close to the EDGE of a stud. Features the latest 5 sensor technology, the stylish design and easy operation help you avoid hazards while installing TVs, cabinets, garage shelves etc.; The function of measuring the moisture content of wood and building materials helps a lot in woodworking, water damage restoration, building construction and home renovation.

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