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Products Code : PC-ACES-X (X=1TR or 2TR)

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The Digital Energy Saver for air conditioner is a simple and unique product basically made for window and split ACs up to 2TR. It is very ideal for offices and homes. It functions on the principle of optimum stop.

Technical Specifications:

  • Time Setting: by a keypad
  • Time Direction: UP
  • Display: upper RED 2 digits, lower GREEN 4 digits
  • Time Range: 3-99 minutes ON and OFF times
  • Power Supply: 90-270V AC, 50Hz
  • Set Point: ON/OFF times adjustable
  • Output: 1 relay 1C/O 30A for 1TR. 1 relay 1C/O 63A for 2TR


The Energy Saver switches ON the AC for a pre-settable time and completely switches OFF the AC for a pre-settable time. The OFF time saves energy.

For offices and homes, the ideal time is:

  • ON time: 45 minutes
  • OFF time: 15 minutes

In this setting of time, the AC runs for 45 minutes and switches OFF completely for 15 minutes and switches ON again with the same setting of time. This combination of ON/OFF times does not bring down the cooling much. However, the cooling depends on the actual size of the room and the efficiency of the compressor. This combination of ON/OFF times save up to 25% of energy.


  • Do not attempt to push the reset button on the time-base when it is in the ON state
  • Do not change the ON time when in ON state and do not change the OFF time when in OFF state


  • Saves energy
  • Reduces hazards and thereby increases the life of the compressor
  • Reduces the number of jerks when the compressor switches ON


  • T1 – Input Phase
  • T2 – Input Neutral
  • T3 – Output Phase
  • T4 – Output Neutral

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