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POWER CORPORATION as an organization, was set up in the year 2007 with a view to provide its customers with state of the art, custom made energy monitoring and saving devices. It is totally involved in giving consultancy on energy conservation to different industrial sectors and thereby providing energy saving and monitoring devices which are custom made.

The products designed by POWER CORPORATION are as under:

1.     Energy Saver for Air Conditioners

2.     Energy Saver for Refrigerators

3.     Energy Saver for AC Motors (Del-Star Converters)

4.     Power Factor Correction System

5.     Energy Saver for Cooling Towers

These products have been successfully installed in different industrial sectors in India.

It is also into supplying of industrial as well as commercial LED lighting products for the past three years. The brand VIN which manufactures very high grade LED lights for industrial, commercial and domestic use is powered by OSRAM LED, CITIZEN LED, CREE LED and 100% Made in India.

It also supplies single phase and three phase energy meters of make ELMEASURE & MULTISPAN. It also supplies Process Control Instruments of make MULTISPAN. 

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