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Products Code : PC-DS-P-XA (X=current value)

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Underloaded AC motors consume more power than adequately sized motors. process parameters and sometimes site conditions come in the way when installing adequately sized motors.


Years of experience on the field and constant observation of inconsistent patterns of power consumption by such motors have helped us devise a product called POWER LATCH (Del-Star Converters).


With POWER LATCH installed, if the motor runs in underload, power consumption will be at least 15% lower than the present or normal consumption. T improvs the typical power factor of the motor under peculiar conditions, if the motor is loaded to 60% or more, it is protected and the energy meter of POWER LATCH continuously monitors the kW load as well as the power factor.

 The POWER LATCH is a power based Delta-Star converter which monitors the power on the motor and then switches to Star when the motor runs in underload and switches to Delta when it runs in overload.

Technical Specifications:

POWER LATCH consists of a world class energy meter which displays electrical parameters like Watts, Power Factor & Energy (kWh)

Supply Voltage to Meter: 230V AC, 50Hz

Current Capacity: User Defined


  • Positive energy accumulation
  • Reverse lock option
  • OLD registry to store previous energy values


  • Saves energy by constantly monitoring the load differences
  • Reduces maintenance cost thereby increases the life of the motor
  • Reduces kVA load
  • Improves power factor

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