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The iACCL is designed to automatically and seamlessly switch between sources of power. It is a smart programmable device that is compatible with ELNET and other energy management system software. It can be programmed to individually limit and allocate generator power to specific needs.


It allows the supply from the main source as long as the load current is below the programmed limit. During failure of the mains supply, it automatically switches over to the generator (DG) and restores supply to each consumer in sequence and starts monitoring the load. Whenever the load current exceeds the allotted limit, the system switches ON for DG delay time and switches OFF for cycle-1 time and switches ON once again. If the over current is still present, it goes on with cycle 2, 3, 4, 4, 4 as per no. of trip cycles programmed. When the ON/OFF cycle is completed, the device trips and permanently disables the output. The reset can be done by pressing the reset key manually. It protects against unsafe low/high voltage and power interruptions during changeover.



  • Microcontroller based automatic changeover with neutral isolation.
  • SMPS based design for low power consumption.
  • Intelligent re-connection once trip occurs, either due to over voltage or overload.
  • Intelligent changeover with R phase or any phase failure (manufacturing option).
  • Manual rest provision when in sleep mode for restoring power supply or through the mobile app when network Is available.
  • Energy, current, voltage measurements for DG and current measurement for EB. Optional EB energy & voltage measurements for 3 phase.
  • Programmable threshold setting for both sources independently.
  • Over voltage protection for DG.
  • Start time programmable for each ACCL to avoid loading on the DG at a time.
  • Intelligent tripping: inverse curve higher the overload, faster is the trip).
  • Potential free contact for connecting power load only in EB (single phase relay version) optional.
  • Automatic trip if sum of power circuit and lighting circuit is >40A (single phase relay version) optional.
  • Individual phase overload monitoring (any phase > set current, it trips).
  • Patented alpha-numeric display.



Unique Features:

  • Installation: DIN Rail/Surface Mount for single phase and Surface Mount for 3 phase (optional DIN Rail for 3 phase up to 40A).
  • Eco friendly thermoplastic and fire-retardant enclosure.
  • Reset button.
  • Intelligent overload tripping with AC1 to AC3 behaviour.
  • Withstands 6kV rated impulse voltage.
  • Wide range of operational voltage: 180-300V AC.
  • 20000 operations. Longer electrical life.
  • Post trip condition, under/over voltage condition is accessible.
  • Reasons for tripping are displayed.
  •  RS485 communication optional.
  • Display resolution of 6-digit energy (4-digit display for single phase), 4 digits instantaneous.
  • Wiring simplicity for lighting and power with common neutral in single phase.
  • Protection against neutral current beyond threshold.


Technical Specifications:


Single Phase

Three Phase



Standard Conformity


No. of Poles




Rated current (In)

32A on Mains and DG with programmability

Up to 40A



Rated voltage (Ue)

240V AC

415/240V AC

Rated frequency


Rated Insulation voltage


Transfer time

5-30 sec. programmable


Mains ON, DG ON & TRIP

Mains, DG, Load, Overload (R,Y,B), Trip, Reason for Trip

Ambient Temperature

-50C to +550C

Electrical life

20000 operations

Rated Impulse voltage




AC1 (tripping based on AC3 behaviour)

Conditional short circuit current



Protection Class



DIN Rail

Surface mounting (DIN rail option up to 40A)

Mounting position



Terminal capacity mm2





Communication option


Display resolution (optional)


6-digit energy, 4-digit instantaneous

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