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A collaboration with “ EP Ehrler Pruftechnik Engineering GmbH” Germany, a globally renowned name in Gas & flow meter testing industry and over 30 years of experience. EP-E have an in-house DIN ISO 17025 Laboratory & are processing partners of Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig (PTB Germany).


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Brief Description:

Stationary Systems:

The stationary test benches are especially designed for the calibration of domestic gas meters (diaphragm gas meters, ultrasonic gas meters, thermoelectric gas meters). The test bench has a modular design – it is possible to combine 1x6 to 4x6 clamping points for gas meters. The modular design allows 1 to 12 gas meters to be tested simultaneously. In parallel, up to 12 test specimens can be adapted, run in and leak tested. The leak tests are carried out automatically.


The gas meters are tested at 3 or more measuring points. A magazine made of 3 sonic nozzles is used as a flow sensor. The nozzle magazine can be exchanged with just a few hand movements so that up to 5 different gas meter types can be calibrated on 1 test bench. Optionally, a nozzle drum with 9 combinable nozzles can be used. This allows the generation of up to 512 different flow points. This means that all 5 gas meter types G1.6…..G10 can be tested without the change of nozzle.




1.       High long-term stability using sonic nozzles.

2.       Highest accuracy using sonic nozzles.

3.       Optimum capacity utilization – short process times.

4.       Integrated plausibility check of meter signal.

5.       Automated counter monitoring.

6.       Fast and stable adjustments of volume flow.

7.       Modular system for 1 to 24 units.

8.       Long-term stable measuring elements – low recalibration effort.

9.       Storage of test results on SQL server.


Portable Systems/Benchtop:

The Rotary Positive Displacement (RPD) portable reference gas meters GM16 meet the highest demands on reliable and accurate reference gas flow measurement down to 0.01 m3/hr. working according to RPD principle, 2 counter rotating impellers are displacing a fixed volume from the inlet to the outlet of the meter with each full revolution. Due to their special patent-pending impeller design pulsation free operation is realized. They reach an excellent measurement accuracy of 0.5% MV + 0.005% EV. Both versions with 1 or 2 HF pulser are suited for operating pressures up to 6 bar.


The new generation of reference gas meters is not only suitable for air, but also for hydrogen, natural gas and other non-flammable and non-aggressive gases. As the flow measurement is continuous, absolutely pulsation free and highly accurate, this RPD reference meters are the gold standard for low flow reference measurement.