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Products Code : DMS04
Price : 2780

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Large LCD display || Easy and Convenient to locate stud edges || Two scanning modes: StudScan and ThickScan || Ergonomic grip design || Comfortable to hold on the tool in either hand, at any angle || Perfect tool for plumbers, contractors, carpenters, masons, home renovators, construction workers, electricians, DIY enthusiasts,and others who need reliable detection.
Battery:9V 1604 6F22 || StudScan mode:Max. 19mm || ThickScan mode: (stable detection), 38mm (max, for reference) || Live AC wires (120V 60Hz/220V 50Hz):Max. 50mm || Working temperature:19℉~120℉(-7℃~49℃) || Storage temperature:-4℉~150℉(-20℃~66℃)

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